Take Care of Your Home From Top to Bottom

Invest in proper roof cleaning for your property in Chesapeake & Portsmouth, VA

Every day, your roof goes through a lot while protecting the inside of your home. It must stand up to heavy rains, winds and the hot sun. Over time, even the highest-quality roofing will show some wear and tear.

When dirt, grime, soot, black mold, algae, moss and lichens build up on your roof, they can lower the value of your home. Kinetic Power Washing & Auto Detailing, LLC offers a specialized roof cleaning method for clients in Chesapeake and Portsmouth, VA.

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Our cleaning method is safe but strong

At Kinetic Power Washing & Auto Detailing, we have the knowledge and proper cleaning solutions to make your roof look new again. Plus, our roof cleaning process is safe for flower boxes and any other plants you may have growing near your home. Our specialty cleaning method works well on:

Asphalt shingle roofing
Slate roofing
Metal roofing

If you're thinking about replacing your roof, let our company clean it first. You may realize you don't need an expensive replacement after all. Ask about our roof cleaning services in Chesapeake and Portsmouth, VA today.