Drive a Well-Maintained Vehicle

Care for mobile auto detailing in Chesapeake & Portsmouth, VA

Does your car need a little extra attention? Kinetic Power Washing & Auto Detailing, LLC can perform mobile auto detailing to remove grime and gunk gumming up the works. We'll visit you at your location and quote a price based on the level of detailing you want.

When we detail your car, we take care of:

Exterior detailing
Interior cleaning
Waxing the surface
Vacuuming inside the car

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Mobile auto detailing services in Chesapeake & Portsmouth, VA

When you need an auto detailing service, make sure you choose a team you can trust. We never cut corners when it comes to detailing your vehicle. You can count on us to check out every angle to make sure your car looks and functions exactly how it should.

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Keep your headlights clear

When you're driving at night, you rely on your headlights to be clear and accurate. If they're covered in a layer of dirt, it may be difficult to navigate dark, unfamiliar roads. The team at Kinetic Power Washing & Auto Detailing can thoroughly clean your headlights so you can see clearly again.

Detailing for cars and boats

Your vehicle spends a lot of time outdoors in the sun. Over time, the UV rays can damage your car's paint job. Kinetic Power Washing & Auto Detailing provides professional auto detailing services in the Chesapeake, VA area. We can clean almost any type of vehicle, including boats and yachts. Our talented boat detailing staff will clean every inch of your vessel so it's ready for another day on the water.

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