Boost Your Curb Appeal With Our Pressure Washing Service

Count on us when you need pressure washing services in Chesapeake & Portsmouth, VA

Have you noticed algae or dirt collecting on your home's exterior? You might need a pressure washing service. Kinetic Power Washing & Auto Detailing, LLC can provide the pressure washing you need to wash away years of buildup on your exterior.

Pressure washing isn't just about appearances. If you allow dirt, dust and mold to build up on your house, it can seriously damage the siding. Preserve your house with our power washing services.

Call now to request our pressure washing service at your home in Chesapeake or Portsmouth, VA.

Improve the appearance of your driveway and sidewalks

Get through the dirt and discoloration on your driveway with our help. By hiring a driveway cleaning company, you can make sure that your driveway looks stunning. We know how to go tough on grime but gentle on your concrete surfaces.

In addition to pressure washing your driveway, we can wash your:

Walkways and hardscaping features
Patios and decks

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Discover the benefits of residential soft washing services in Chesapeake & Portsmouth, VA

Did you know that our local pressure washing company also offers soft washing? In many cases, this technique is preferable to our traditional pressure washing service. By using mild chlorine, soaps, algaecides and other microbial cleaners, we effectively clean without using high water pressure. This is often better for delicate surfaces like your roof.

Soft washing also allows us to perform most of the work from the ground. We don't have to physically climb on your roof. Instead, we can use soft washing methods to wash your roof from a distance. Your service will be completed more efficiently and safely from the ground.

Contact us today to request our soft washing services in Chesapeake or Portsmouth, VA.