Power Through Grime and Grit

Connect with your local pressure washing company in Chesapeake & Portsmouth, VA

Don't ignore the dirt and discoloration on your home. When you need pressure washing services, turn to Kinetic Power Washing & Auto Detailing, LLC.

Your local pressure washing company can take care of any pressure washing you need. Is your home exterior beginning to look discolored? We'll wash away any algae growth, pollen or dirt on the surface of your building. The pressure washing service we provide can also cut through dirt caked into your driveway.

Pressure washing isn't just for residential locations. Our commercial pressure washing service is equipped to take on cleaning your commercial building.

Call 757-635-9556 now to ask about our professional auto detailing services available in Chesapeake and Portsmouth, VA.

Get the auto detailing services you need

Get the auto detailing services you need

In addition to pressure washing, we can perform professional auto detailing to make sure your vehicle is in tiptop shape.

Are there pine needles and pollen falling into the crevices of your car? We can pull out any debris and make sure your car is completely clean. You don't even have to go anywhere. Our professional auto detailing team can come right to your driveway to perform mobile auto detailing.

Contact us today to learn more about our auto detailing packages available in Chesapeake and Portsmouth, VA.

What makes Kinetic Power Washing & Auto Detailing the right choice?

You're sure to be impressed by our services. You should hire us for auto detailing or pressure washing because:

We have years of experience
We put a heavy emphasis on customer service
Our business is family-owned and local

When you enlist our services, you can always expect a job well done.

Turn to us for soft washing services

In addition to traditional pressure washing services, we also offer soft washing. This method uses chemicals like microbial soaps and algaecides to combat dirt and grime. Because of these special chemicals, we don't have to use high water pressure on your house. This is ideal for more delicate parts of your home.

We can use a much lower pressure, making it easier to wash your building without jostling the shingles or going too rough on the siding. Schedule roof cleaning or surface cleaning in Chesapeake or Portsmouth, VA.